In search of the origin of life

An ongoing artistic research project

The focus of my work has long revolved around the question of the origin of life. As a sculptor in stone, however, I did not find the answer in the organic world alone, but sought and found it above all in the inorganic sphere.

For many years I have been conducting artistic research on mineral materials to uncover the elementary biological processes that potentially lie within.

In my studies into the physical, chemical and biological foundations of the origins of life, I came across "black smokers", geothermal vents in the depths of the ocean that eject superheated water. Allegedly, this is how the first biomolecule was formed 3.9 billion years ago.

How could this have happened? How could inorganic material create the basis of life in the darkness of the ocean floor? And what parts does "stone" play in this process?
And ultimately: can one trace the origin of life back to rock and stone?
Through a process of study and scientific appropriation I am inspired to draw and engage in artistic experiment.

Foto: Christina Zück

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